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i’m Ashley Kay, and you are a shining star.

As a marketing consultant and PR strategist for creatives, I help aspiring public figures, performers, writers, and creators embrace their uniqueness so they can become the highly visible star that lights up the world with their message.

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Marketing Consultant, Publicity Strategist & Online Educator

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1:1 Business Coaching - Branding, Marketing & More…

There is so much more to establishing a highly-visible brand than meets the eye. Authentic messaging, language and wording, business values, target audience, community building and marketing strategy are all important pieces of your story. Over 8 weeks, we will develop a customized plan that will help you build your brand through… read more >>


Marketing & PR Intensive

Are you looking for a personalized visibility plan for your already-established business? Maybe you are looking to branch out to different social platforms, or need someone to breathe a little life back into your marketing strategy. Whatever your reasons may be, I'm here to help you tune-up your presence by reviewing your current strategies and designing a… read more >>



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