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Everyone has a dream; a gift they were born to share. Whether it be a hobby, a forte or an idea that can change the world…it calls to you. But sometimes, the path to discovery isn’t as clear as you expected it to be. And that’s no fun at all!

It’s time to own your talents and design a life that you can call “home”. From starting a business to pursuing your passions to finding your unique calling in life — or all of the mentioned! — let’s work together to gain the clarity, confidence and creativity you need to #beunlimited.

My name is Ashley Kay:
Creativity Coach, Brand Strategist & Author.

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Creativity Coaching

“I have an idea for a business, but what if it’s not good enough?"
“I believe in my talent, but what if people don't 'get' me?"
“I have a dream! what?".

Hey, business owner, musician, artist, author or coach! If the above sounds like you, then read on to learn about my creativity coaching…

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Marketing Consultations

Your business is the vehicle that is going to take you from dreamer to visionary to innovator. I'm here to help you develop a clear roadmap that will point you in right the direction of success, such as creative social media strategy, dynamic video, podcast production, storytelling and more…

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#PlayMatters: Kidpreneurs Academy

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Creativity Coach, Marketing Consultant, Online Educator and Author…


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