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Ashley Kay is a marketing consultant & publicity strategist for AK Creative Marketing. She received her Bachelor’s degree in performance from Buffalo State College and a Master’s degree in Early Childhood Education from Medaille College. From there, she attended the World Coach Institute, finding fulfillment in coaching female entrepreneurs on creative marketing tactics, as well as becoming a published writer.

In her spare time, Ashley enjoys to write fiction and poetry, as well as teaching English as a second language online.

Specialties: Brand strategy, digital and attraction marketing, email campaigns, copywriting, on-camera training, press releases, graphic design, voice and stage presence coaching for performers, actors and public speakers.

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Accomplishments include: published author, Virtual Summit speaker, professional performer and award-winning vocalist.

My Story…

The first “real” job I ever had when I was 17 years old (18 years ago!) was working as a representative at a talent agency. I, myself, was an aspiring actor, singer and writer, so naturally it was the perfect environment to be in: behind the scenes of the entertainment industry. But over the course of 10+ years, the tables had slowly turned. I made note-worthy connections with casting directors, music producers, photographers and image consultants. I worked with actors, models, musicians, dancers, authors and artists from coast to coast. I was asked to teach voice lessons and coach entertainers through auditions for shows like The Voice and American Idol. Through these years, I self-taught myself tactics for helping fellow artists achieve THEIR dreams by getting them exposure, as well as training them on how to properly present themselves in auditions, interviews, on location, on camera, at expos, pageants, conferences and competitions. Little did I know, I was preparing myself for the world of branding, marketing and a PR Strategist for Creatives.

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